Cilantro-Lime Rice

Who knew something so simple could taste so freakin’ amazing?!  Never again will Mexican restaurants pass any kind of rice test with us. Yeah, that means YOU Chipotle, with your fake limey rice that has NUTHIN’ on this. Eat this, baby. Yeah. I told ’em. [wprm-recipe-jump] [wprm-recipe id="1040"] Quick background about where this recipe came from, […]

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Jordan’s Most Totally Amazing Mashed Potatoes

Having a stand-alone recipe for mashed potatoes is a must. No need to slather on the gravy here. Jordan has a distinguished palette, and came-up with this stellar stand-alone one day, and since the proportions of the typical stand-alone ingredients were dead-on, we immortalized them into the Emerson Mashed Potatoes Hall of Fame. [wprm-recipe-jump] [wprm-recipe […]

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