Blue Cheese Dip

Super healthy, as it’s made mostly with yogurt, this robust, thick dip that can be turned into a dressing.  This is the blue cheese dip for blue lovers, as it’s heavy on rich cheese. Dip fresh or steamed veggies, chicken, or steak in this complete and total awesome sauce. [wprm-recipe-jump]

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Mexican Chorizo

Mexican Chorizo is a Mexican staple. It’s a fatty ground pork made with dried chilies and just a few of the most noteworthy southern spices. Ground coriander (ground cilantro seeds) gives a fragrant and fresh floral tone accented by lime, while the chilies only lend their awesome flavor without the heat of fresh chilies. Included […]

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Barb’s Italian Beef Sausage

Since we’re allergic to pork, and so many of our favorite recipes call for sausage, a few years ago I set out to create an Italian beef sausage recipe that hit all my favorite flavor notes. This is it, and it’s my favorite sausage. It’s floral, and I think pretty wonderful. I’m always surprised that […]

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